About us:
Wethaq Foundation for Civil Orientation is a non-profit organization with a legal and independent personality dedicated to improving the Human Rights, Development, and Social Affairs .We have got an official license from the Ministry of Social Affairs No. (606) on 21/01/2012.

To create a society that respects the rights and liberties and safeguards the human dignity.

Since Wethaq Foundation for Civil Orientation was established 2012, we have aimed at disseminating the culture and values of dialogue as an ideal means to address disputes with the purpose of ensuring that everyone is under the rule of law and participates in the development process through monitoring human rights violations and ongoing cooperation with civil society organizations and the society in all its segments.

Strategic Goals:
Among its operations, Wethaq Foundation for Civil Orientation is targeting to achieve the following goals:
- Spreading the culture of dialogue as an ideal means of resolving disputes.
- Disseminating the culture of human rights in society, including the rights of children, women and marginalized groups.
- Rehabilitating and empowering women so that the can be active partners in the civil society.
- Providing the legal support for those whose rights and liberties have been violated.
- Integrating marginalized groups into the society.