Statement of Condemnation :  
Crime after another is committed by Al-Houthi and the previous president Saleh militia against civilians of Taizz, which is still ongoing, including the massacre of the media workers (Taqi Al-Din Al-Huthaifi, Wael Al-Absi and Sa'ad Al-Nathari, and the injury of their colleagues Walid al-Qadasi and Salah Al-Din al-Wahbani) on Friday, May 26, 2017, ignoring the whole international laws and norms.
In the face of all these crimes and violations, Wethaq Foundation stands with shock, denying the international silence, which has been repeated in the face the horrible actions of the coup, considering that this silence will encourage these crimes not to end, and clarifying that the coup may regard it as satisfied with its actions against women, children, humanitarian workers and media professionals and journalists.

With this atrocity which is known about the militia of Saleh and Houthi and in the face of targeting of media workers with a shell of treachery which killed some of them and injure others, Wethaq  condemns with strongest terms this integrated crime against journalists who have only lenses to convey the truth, and bear the leaders of the coup the responsibility, and in particular the head of Al-Houthi militia Abdulmalik Al-Houthi who has called in a recent speech for the killing of workers in the field of journalism and media  in a clear and explicit defiance of humanitarian and international laws.
Wethaq calls upon the Yemeni NGOs to vigorously show up the issue of violations against civilians under the systematic targeting. Also, Wethaq calls upon the relevant international institutions to abandon their silence and begin taking urgent procedures to arrest war criminals in Yemen to bring them to justice in order to receive their fair punishment.
Wethaq calls the whole free world to be solidarity with this issue and other issues that have been committed and are still ongoing against civilians in Taizz city, who are brutally killed, displaced and besieged.
Issued by Wethaq Foundation for Civil Orientation
May 26, 2017.