Statement of Condemnation
Wethaq Foundation for Civil Orientation is following with deep concern the alarming deterioration of human rights in Taiz city, where residents face different kinds of bombardment daily in residential quarters and crowded public markets by Al-Houthi gunmen and loyal forces to Ali Abdulla Saleh centralized on the outskirts of the city, causing many massacres, killing thousands of innocent civilian and injuring tens thousands of them since the beginning of the armed confliction. One of these massacres was on 27, August in the afternoon, which caused killing of (4) people and wounding of another (5) people due to Al-Houthi armed group and Saleh force's bombardment in Birbash area, which is near to a crowded commercial public market in the west of Taiz, frequently visited by residents to get their daily needs, especially in important occasions like Eids.
 Heavy and random bombing on the commercial areas and crowded public markets is considered as a clear violation against the human rights and the International Human Rights Laws, also considered as a war crime, whose perpetrators must be pursued and subjected according to the national and international criminal courts.
Wethaq Foundation for Civil Orientation strongly condemns and denies this heinous crime and the silence of the international community and organizations, in particular the United Nations and its human rights protection authorities in theses repeated and systematic crimes committed by Al-Houthi group and forces against civilians in Taiz city.  
Issued by Wethaq Foundation for Civil Orientation
Dated 27/8/2017