Wethaq Foundation for Civil Orientation is following with great concern the random attacks on the crowded residential areas in Taiz city, where Alhouthi armed group and its allies (Saleh forces),who are centralized on the outskirts of the city use different kinds of prohibited weapons in living places.  
It is very clear that these repeated random attacks committed by Alhouthi and Saleh's militia, are just systemic and classified as a war crime, where most victims are civilians, mostly are children and women. Such as the last random attacks which targeted two crowded residential areas on 15, September 2017, on Friday afternoon, where one bomb fell on Sha'ab Aldba area and the other one fell on Alsamil market in short timing causing the death of (3) people and injury of another (11) people mostly are children.
Wethaq Foundation for Civil Orientation condemns this massacre and all previous crimes, which are committed against innocent people in Taiz, also denies the silence of the international human rights organizations, in particular United Nations' human rights protection authorities, where Alhouthi and Saleh militia commits many crimes against civilians under the absence of international movement.