Wethaq Foundation for Civil Orientation started yesterday implementing the rehabilitation  training courses for recruited and affected  children of  Amran and Taiz governorates, whom were called and received by the foundation to attend the program in Marib governorate.  
The program director Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Qubati Said: " Duo to the conflict and its effects in Yemen, 40 children equally from Taiz and Amran  will be rehabilitated in a- one- month program, which aims to diverted children's acquired aggression  behaviors to a straight ethics to participate in building new life, spreading peace,  respecting values of love and coexistence among all people in society."
Also, Adulrahman Al-Qubati said: " This children rehabiltiation project differs from the previous, where children will be taught the curriculum, which they have already studied in their schools."
It is worth mentioning, Wethaq Foundation for Civil Orientation with the support of King Salman Relief and Humanitarian Works  targeted 40 children in the first round of children rehabilitation project in Marib and Aljawf governorates.